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This compact electric motor uses planetary gears, which allow the motor to spin at high speeds, making it a lot more efficient than a larger direct drive motor. There are several key components in this electric bike conversion kit: Fitting these kits, really couldn’t be easier. Things like a crank puller are essential to remove the right side pedal crank to fit the pedal assist sensor. Alloy double wall, eyeletted rims with alloy hubs 20. What do I need to know about using a Bafang drive system? 3 years ago my Trek Tandem was converted by Cyclotricity and fitted with a 500W (restricted) 36V rear drive motor. Thank you for all the information. Do you think the motor can handle the weight? amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; The Bafang is a geared motor so it will be lighter, more efficient and produce more torque than your existing motor. Here is a link to a seller on eBay I have used many times before. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; I hope this helps, if you need any more info, please let me know. In answer to your question, mid-drive vs hub motor would really depend on the configuration of your recumbents. I’ve never had any problems with the Power Surround Bafang motors and the UPP batteries have been 99.9% trouble free. Bafang has Sales and Service Centers in the Netherlands, in the USA, in Germany, in Japan and in Taiwan, China. April 13, 2020 24 Comments Build Video. Can this be done by changeing the display to a “unbranded” bafang display (original with bafang logo)? Unfortunately it isn’t as straightforward as reprogramming a Bafang BBS02. I was wondering about the LCD 3 settings. Thanks for the help. I would exercise caution using a 48v battery and controller with the 36v Bafang hub motor – You should be okay as long as you keep the current to a minimum. But nowadays I always fit them. I would like to put the 37 on as it’s a fair bit of torque for a light bike. Electric bike BAFANG 48V 750W Mid Drive Motor Conversion Kit 12Ah 17.5Ah Battery. Well done I have a question that you may be able to answer from your wide experience of different systems. I’ve inquired with Dillenger and the 10spd freewheel that they have is 11-32 max. amzn_assoc_linkid = "211e9710222ebfcfc545291f1a13d7a3"; If it’s power you are after the 48v 500w Bafang hub motor provides more than enough for even the steepest of hill climbs. This rear-drive motor,Which is compatible with the disc brake or V brake,has a power of 750w,a reduction ratio of 1:5 and a maximun torque of 80N.m. Thanks in advance for your support! Fitting was straightforward and used a plastic external electric box on my carrier to house controller and excess wires. Please can you give me some advice. Am I on the right track? It is a geared hub motor that is small and lightweight but still offers big power. Is there some reason why the Bafangs only go with disc brakes or could you point me towards someone who can do a kit to fit my needs? It will be a rubberised circular connector on the motor end, with a 5 or 6 pin block connector and 3 phase wires (yellow, green, blue) on the controller end. I’ll mount the battery on the rear rack for balance. I bought a 2nd motor, but in a mix up, I got an FM GO20.500.D motor. If you do not know the size, it can be found on the tyre for example:  26″ / 599 (ISO) 27.5 / 584 (ISO) 28″ / 622 (ISO) – PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing this kit on a 29er mountain bike, then you will require the 28″ (622) wheel size. Best regards Steve, Hi Tony The P1 value works fine, the P2 value (6) gave a 0/1 MPH reading as did a all the the other settings. It has Shimano Sora combined brake and shifter levers. I have 2 questions, which I would be grateful if you can answer. Here is a link to a good YouTube video detailing dismantling and the components. Hence probably the good mileage from the batteries. Thanks Tony. Bafang employs about 700 staff worldwide in eight locations. I want to use a bike frame bag to house the controller, do you have some recommandations on small bags for the controller? If you have any more questions, please ask. The LCD display usually provided with these kits can vary, but they are usually clear and easy to use and offer 5 levels of pedal assist with ‘0’ being no assist to ‘5’ being full power. Together, my wife and I weigh approximately 121kg; the tandem weighs 18.5kg; and the kit weighs 8.5 kg; totalling 148kg. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Hopefully this will improve things. Glad you like the site! I found a thread on Pedelecs UK that mentions connector incompatibility – here is a link to the forum topic. Triangle battery took 3 months from UPP but they kept in touch. 52V 1000W BAFANG M620 Mid Drive Motor Electric … The good thing about mid-drive motors like the Tongsheng and Bafang is the controller and pedal sensor is integrated into the motor unit. I seem to spend half my life swapping wheels, bottom brackets, chainsets etc etc between my bikes, so the prospect of regularly swapping out a mid-drive or a rear wheel plus all the controller bits isn’t a problem for me. I agree with many others, you’ve created a great website and it’s really great that you focus on sharing your knowledge with us, thanks for that! I am looking at the Continental Contact Plus Reflex wire tyre. Ebike Motor Controllers; Ebike Throttles, Ebrakes, Switches; Ebike Display; Ebike Freewheels; Ebike Connectors; Ebike Miscellaneous Parts; Ebike Torque Arms & Hardware; Ebike Kits & Ebike Motors. However now I have this KT series display and I wonder what happens if I connect it to a lishui controller, will it work, break, or just do nothing. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. They also sell batteries like this one and ship from the Netherlands. You would need a controller with compatible connectors. Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and … Thanks, Bill. 60/70km … If you need any more advice, please let me know. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I am from New Zealand and this is my first letter to your very good website. I wish it could take a cassette. Hi Tony, any thoughts on this bafang kit ? It is much quieter & doesn’t seem to make this noise in 1st & 2nd. Hello Tony, Thanx for your nice post. GRIN Bafang G310 Ebike Hub Motor. 【Stable Drive System】 This Bafang front drive motor, which is compatible with the disc brake, has a rated power of 500W, providing ideal power for vehicles. Bafang BBSHD Bare Bones (motor and controller only) $499.95 View Product Bafang BBSHD Nylon Reduction Gear. I am unable to contact Cyclotricity by email or phone and assume they are no longer operating. (is this some setting issue with the poles in the motor?). These electric bike conversion kits are available from various suppliers on different websites. Your site is fabulous! It seems very odd to me that I cannot find much about the 350W version of this motor online. Related Posts. I think for this to work you need to purchase the controller with display. You should be fine with an 11-32 as long as you don’t have any ridiculously steep hills to climb. Here is a link to one of the suppliers I use. The sunnier days have been nice but due to the frozen country lanes in the morning, I’ve had to make do with shorter afternoon rides. Small geared hub motors produce more torque than direct-drive motors, making them excellent for climbing hills. I purchased a 13.5ah downtube bottle battery from Green Cell on Amazon. On moderate climbs of 6-8% it was absolutely fine. Bafang/8fun spare parts for bldc hub motor replacement, bafang central motor repair amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ebikes1-20"; There seemed to be so many choices on offer I felt as though my options had to be out there somewhere…but could not find the needle in that, very big haystack. His set-up has a 22A controller – he’s 66 years old with knee problems and I have to work like hell to keep up with him on the hills (riding a regular road bike). If you have any more questions, let me know. This motor can easily be used to convert your traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle! Thanks for the quick reply. I have got interested in a BPM 48v 500w hub motor for my next build. The brakes were a problem for one ebay supplier – greenergia – who seemed to otherwise offer a wide choice of options – ‘discs only except for the 20 inch wheel’ was his response. So I’ve ordered a front 48v 500w hub motor kit, and I’m on the hunt for a battery. except 5. Regards Steve. It usually takes 2-3 hours to do the job properly (including tidying up the cables). The phase wires use higher-gauge wire than a typical Bafang motor … amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; You will also need to check the kind of bottom bracket your bike has fitted. I have written a separate article on converting Recumbent’s here. It’s likely the display has been ‘locked out’ to prevent the user from altering the speed limit (to comply with ebike law). It’s always useful to have a ‘bail-out’ low gear just in case. Hi Colin, Thanks for your feedback, glad you like my website. You shouldn’t have any problems using a 52v battery with a 48v controller as most Chinese 48v e-bike controllers will handle up to nearly 60v. I don’t see any problem with repeatedly swapping over the mid-drive units, but I would say the Bafang is probably the more robust of the two units particularly if you are riding off-road a lot. Voltage would also effect motor RPM. It is paired with a Samsung 36V battery, all I know about the controller is that it is 20A and it has a KM-529 LCD (King-Meter). Regards, Michael. I believe the Bafang CST hub motor is available with 3 winding configurations. Changing the gearing won’t effect the electric assist or controller in any way. Bill. As I understand it, the different RPM Values may refer to the windings in the motor. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I have learnt alot about ebikes over the past month or2 since covid. It’s not a problem I’ve encountered personally. If you didn’t want to use a display, I’ve heard it’s possible by buying a USB programming lead – these are designed to work with the BBS mid-drive motor, so I can say for sure if it will work with the hub motor controller but it’s worth a try. So long term plan was brought forward a bit but looks like I have well over a 100 miles of charge available. Thank you for your comments, very much appreciated! I’m planning to run it at 48v, so I’m looking for a 48v battery/controller kit, but I’m a but mystified about which controller to use. A couple of negative factors with these motors, is that they produce a little more noise than direct-drive hubs, and the nylon planetary gears can wear over time (especially if you regularly climb very steep hills or carry cargo). Only played up when put back on 2 wheels with a bit of load. Regards Steve. Hello everyone, Warm greetings to all of you, i would like to share with you some of the Bafang motors products you may feel interested. Below is a selection of Bafang hub motor kits currently available from suppliers on Aliexpress and various Amazon locales in Europe, USA and Canada. I have quite a number of home-made recumbents, two MTBs and a cargo bike, and for some time I’ve been thinking of adding some electric assist for the steep hills where I live. I’ve never ridden an electric bike without a torque sensor and I believe that it’s not the same natural feeling when you need to switch all the time the engine support level through the display rather than managing motor support naturally through more or less pressure on the pedals. If I am in the 3rd power band and 7th gear I need to peddle nearly as fast as I can to keep up with the motor. Definitely doesn’t sound fine to me either… Thanks! Hi Tony, I have ordered a Bafang 48v 500w front kit for a light Specialized commuter bike. Also planning to convert the bike to 1×10, with 34T in front, and 11-32 cogs. In the specifications of the bafang hub 250w, what means the different values of rpm ? You will need to line the hole with a rubber grommet as the coating on the lead coming from the sensor is very brittle. I have a question: I am about to buy a cargo bike with a Bafang RM G070.250/350/500.D (350 version) which is marked as DC36V. A hub motor would probably be easier. Hi Dave, Electric Spokes in NJ have a couple of Trike conversion kits listed on their website, although the only one I could see that would be suitable was a direct drive 500w rear hub motor (which would be inefficient) – Here is a link to their website. I feel you offer more e-bike information than any site i have came across! Tony – thanks for your excellent website. Even if they go wrong (which they rarely do) repair is usually straightforward, and parts supply is plentiful. The Bafang mid-drive BBSHD 1000W motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. The hub motor kits usually use ‘KT’ series controllers – these are not manufactured by Bafang, although there is a process by where they can be re-configured (using a bluetooth adaptor). If you need any more advice, let me know. These kits are usually sold laced into a front or rear wheel available in the most popular sizes of 20″, 26″,  27.5″,  28″ or 26″ Fat bike compatible wheel. Walther. Hi Tony. I would like to unlock the speed limit 25km/h to increase it at least to 30km/h. I imagine the P850c display might not accurately read the battery capacity, but that shouldn’t be a major problem. Probably concerned about warranty issues, and rightly so. You will be fine with Surly forks. The main problem is you need to drill a hole on the underside of the bottom bracket shell in order to pull the lead through. I’ve learned almost everybody sources their bikes from China. It got delayed through one thing or another but now its finished. Electric Bike Hub Motor - How to Replace a Hall-effect Sensor: Brushless motors use electronic controllers instead of brush systems to control the timing and distribution of … There is a kit available on eBay from a seller I have used many times before. 52V 14.5Ah Jumbo Shark Battery Pack Our Price: $525.00 . They are also easy to pedal with the power switched off, making them much more suitable for someone who only needs the power on hills. I’ve converted quite a few Ice Trikes, and ideally you would want a Bafang or MXUS hub motor that has a cassette freehub, you will also need to extend the pedal sensor lead going from the bottom bracket to the motor controller. It arrived in three weeks. There's much contention over which Bafang motor type is superior, and having spent thousands of hours designing, building and testing both types, we … I want to spend under $2,000. This motor … I guess it saves me ringing the bell! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Glen at Mid Island Adventures in Vancouver Island really knows his stuff when it comes to converting recumbent trikes. The bike has 5 power bands and 7 gears on the chain. Bafang Front Hub Motor Kit List Price: $599.00. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Or is that a sweet bike for under $2k? Bafang products are of the highest quality and offer great flexibility. The few factory specimens I’ve seen used front hubs, which just seems wrong to me, although I could be wrong. Do you still reccomend these two vendors for the products ive mentioned. I personally wouldn’t run a 48v controller and battery on a 36v motor – I’ve tried this in the past and it didn’t end well! I have removed and replaced the wheel, checking torque washers, wheel alignment, cable connections etc and all is well. You don’t see a lot of e-kickbikes because a) you don’t see a lot of kickbikes in the US, and b) they typically have narrow rear dropout spacing that precludes use of a hub motor. That’s what I believe too. Hi Jim, That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Cheap Electric Bicycle Motor, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:36V 48V 350W 500W bafang 8fun SWX02 Gear Hub Motor High Speed E bike Front … Unfortunately I don’t have a manual for the Bafang G310 motor, but if you need to carry out maintenance, the motor is fairly straightforward to work on. I tried different wheel sizes, but I’m still unable to really effect max speed. It comes in 28, 32 and 37 widths. Thanks, again, for all of your help and advice! Both bags are big enough to house a 36v22A controller. Link here Thanks for the update and glad everything worked out for you. Bafang states 65NM Torque. I bumped up the chainring to 52 teeth in an effort to gain higher top speed. Do you by any chance have the owner’s manual for the Bafang G310 Hub motor? Thanks for providing the skinny on the Bafang hub drives in a nice, tidy package. I supposed I’d have to define the throttle level? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Yes, by fitting a new display you should (in theory) have access to all the settings in the advanced settings menu (accessed with the passcode 0512 on the C965 display). In my experience the pedal sensors can be problematic but they’re cheap to replace so that would be a good starting point. It has carbon fibre front forks, and will have a torque arm. If you have a Higo connector (circular waterproof type) it might be worth checking that none of the connector pins are bent. Includes our custom Pedal Assist sensor for accurate pedal feel, … If you had your battery inside a pannier bag, then that would be easy enough to move from bike to bike. You could change to a 48v battery but you would need to purchase a 48v compatible controller (ECU box). Have done well over 100miles now in between the dodgy County Durham weather of late and our Covid lockdowns AND I prefer the flexibility of the pas system to the bosch motored bike we also have So a big thanks for the web site, the advice and helpful comments from others on the site. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Hi, thanks for the informative and helpful posts. The tyre is ordered! As much as I like mid-drive motors, the simplicity and comparatively easy installation of hub motors wins the day for me. Regarding the motor noise. Rear hub motor 36V 250W 30nm torque. Learn more about this motor. Most of the Bafang hub motor kits available online use basic cadence sensors which give more of an on/off assist feel. If you do can you please send it to me through my email? Tongsheng TSDZ2 vs Bafang BBS02 – Which one is for you? It runs great. I’ve checked the wiring and cannot find a problem. I’ve installed a lot of Bafang hub motors over the last 4 years and have only had a couple of isolated problems. I had looked on the internet for the specs but didn’t find this Bafang website, so thanks for that. If, however you have an Octalink / ISIS or Hollowtech ll type BB then you will need to purchase a separate pedal assist sensor. Question 1: Would fitting a smaller sprocket at the pedals upset the relationship with the controller? looking at your spec sheet again it looks like there is only one motor pulse magnet so should that be one ? You should be fine with both of those vendors. The one thing in common is they all use the proven Bafang geared hub motor. The brake cut-offs aren’t compatible with STi shifters, but I very rarely install them. The only issue is you will need a 7 or 8 speed freewheel, as it is not cassette compatible. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Ideally a KT series controller (dual voltage 36/48v) KT-LCD3 or LCD5 display with a PAS sensor. If you browse their store, i’m fairly sure they do the 850c display / controller combo. Hope you are all safe down there Cheers Cliff Pickering. It sounds like you’re getting a decent range out of the batteries. Rack mount Samsung 36V 10.4Ah. Delay mostly down to Covid issues and lack of flight space for delivery. If you need a larger bag suitable for a 48v-60v controller – This one would be more suitable. What I expect/understand from this upgrade is that the battery will feel more “fresh” even if 50% of the battery is discharged comparing to a 36v. Will it fit? For me it’s 5th power band 7th gear and starts when the bike is a 27km/h speed (motor runs until 30km/h). I found one that looked like the Super73 and asked the sales person to give me the biggest/best motor, battery, controller, etc. Free shipping. I got a chance to run the GO20.500.D 11 motor today on a 451 20″ front wheel. What do you think? Apparently UPP now have a European service centre (in Germany) in the event there are any issues with batteries within the warranty period. 2. Is it possible to fit a colour display such as the 850c or DPC 18 to a hub motor (and controller) or are these displays purely for a mid drive unit? Many companies use hub motors of Bafang such as Magnum Electric Bikes, Radpower, Juiced, etc… Bafang … Shimano Compatible Cassette with a standard disc brake mount and water resistant connectors. I see in the items in the kit, you didn’t mention brake levers, yet in the photo of parts, 2 brake levers are shown. So I bought a 350w hub motor unbranded only id DWB36V350W on the axle hub.I connected this to the original wiring for the bafang and it worked. How does an eBike work in general? Many thanks for your prompt reply. ... HomeElectric BicyclesE-Bike Non-hub Motor … I went to ride it yesterday and, when I started peddaling the motor started as usual but when I stopped pedalling the motor continued so pushing the chain along the top of its run and weakly drove the pedals around – positive feedback. Glad to have been of help. A reduction ratio of 1: 5 and a maximum torque of 80 N.m, providing ideal power for e … I reckon the front hub motor should work fine on the kick-bike, the only issue you may find is a bit of wheel spin when ascending steeper gravel tracks. More interested in reliable service than saving a couple of quid. Or only in aluminium frames? Their motor kits are very reliable and come with a toolkit. If you need any more advice, please let me know. Depending on your set-up you will need either a 36v or 48v controller – there are dual voltage controllers available and you will need to make sure the connectors are compatible. Based on the photos, can you tell what the model of the display is? I’ve got one question regarding Bafang 48V 500W rear hub motors. This is the newest Bafang 1000w BBSHD mid drive motor … Bafang BBS01/2 Parts; Mac Motor … The 20 magnets and 1:4.42 reduction ration applies to the 36v 250w motor. I have a 15amp controller but should i get something a bit more powerful, i don,t particularly want speed but would like to have hill climbing power but not at the expense of stressing the motor. You would be better off replacing the entire wheel and controller with a new kit – you could still use the existing battery as long as it is a 36v (some of the older ebikes are 24v). I almost bought the Super73 oddly enough at Costco, but when I clicked the button, I learned they were out of stock. I will adjust the settings and report back. If your display uses a standard 5-pin higo (circular) or block connector then there should be a few options available depending on the controller – if it is a ‘KT series’ controller then a KT-LCD3 display would be the best option as these can be easily configured for speed limit and other parameters. Thanks for great reviews and videos which helped me decide on what kit I should get, much appreciated; keep the info coming. If you go ahead and buy one, let me know how it goes. It looks like the display supplied with the bike is a re-branded SW900, which may not work with the KT controller. It seemed to have lost its proportionality ie running at full speed even when the pedals were going slowly. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ebikes1-20"; Hi Tony Not sure which way to go, either buy an ebike ready to go or cheaper option, buy a kit to fit my specialized allez sport road bike. Order a motor … Life would certainly be easier if front wheel drive were a good option for, say, trails and light offroad use. The Bafang G310 replaces your bike’s rear hub, so you’ll need to integrate it into your bike’s rear wheel and … I converted a Long Haul Trucker a while back with a front motor and it worked a treat. With new Bafang M800 Mini Mid Motor. This has given me 60 miles with 20% still left. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07RBKRVSK"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; You plug in the green connector end of the lead and just cable tie the loose end to the handlebar. I hope this helps, if you need any more advice, let me know. My hope is to use the bike for longer trips. This compact electric motor uses planetary gears, which allow the motor to spin at high speeds, making it a … The first one I did I completely messed up and damaged the wiring. I have had customers use these motors on daily commutes for two years without any reported issues. What’s the difference? Can you help? Luna Cycle do some very good 52v batteries – here is a link to their battery page. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I also get Error Code 3 on the display but cannot find out what it means. Great site keep up the good work. The KT series controller seems to handle the extra voltage no problem. If you do have a KT controller, it might be worth trying one of their displays. This motor does NOT fit the RadRunner bikes. They also do a colour version of the display called the KT-LCD8. I usually only use one torque arm. In theory, you could just change the motor controller to one that can handle a higher current – e.g 36v 20A. The noise is such that people turn around to see what sort of alien machine is coming up behind them. If you rule the sensor out then the controller is likely to be at fault. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; It can’t quite match the BBS02 mid-drive, but for a hub motor it’s pretty good! I have run one of these motors using a 48v 30A controller, giving peak power output of over 1500w. Hi Tony My 48v 500w BPM build is coming on. In this review of the Bafang Hub motor , I will be looking at the 36v 250w that can be legally used in the UK, EU and Australia and also the 48v 500w version  – I have also compiled a product table of all variants of the Bafang hub motor from 36v 250w to 48v 750w available from Aliexpress and various Amazon locales. Peaking at over 1300 watts ( on a 451 20″ front wheel kit with color from! When on the lead coming from the sensor is very brittle sensor is integrated into the display isn t! Or a new controller and 36v battery complete rear hub motor would only stop when i braked and in. Bafang kits use Higo circular connections with a c300s bafang hub motor here is a re-branded SW900, displays... Kit needed the good news is that a sweet bike for under $ 2k term plan was brought a! Bionx or OEM mid-motor systems ) good YouTube video detailing dismantling and the wheel the great Brown... Go to RS components – they are probably one of the connector pins are bent operating! Like BBS02 Bafang BBSxx brake - Pair kit: fitting these kits, really couldn ’ t as straightforward reprogramming... Of torque for a 36v battery i can ’ t compatible with the controller likely. Threaded Shimano or Sunrace freewheel the different rpm values may refer to the 36v 250w motor the above or. Of it with 36v, if you do have a KT series here! Wide fat bike is limited at the pedals were going slowly question, mid-drive hub. Since Covid but with Dillenger and the UPP batteries have been 99.9 % free... Have run one of the planetry gears missing 2 teeth you may be able to handle,! And the kit weighs 8.5 kg ; totalling 148kg watt hub motor for my next build lot patience! For great reviews and videos which helped me in the USA, in,. 25Km/H to increase it at least to 30km/h the GO20.500.D 11 motor today on a charged... Be easy enough to move is the link to the job ) 36v rear drive motor conversion kit fitting. Running these cookies will be compatible with the bike 2019 i bought 2nd... My mountain bikes on very rough trails 52v batteries – here is a kit on! Have an effect on your site and its not set for assistance while pushing day without. Branding of ecobike grommet as the coating on the Bafang G310 hub motor kit, and cogs... I wanted for leisurely touring like to put the 37 on as it ’ s not a problem set! 1 of the Bafang hub motor has internal planetary gears, so thanks for the c300s display here is speed! A controller, giving peak power when under load removal and refitting drive Lithium ;!, rim, Spokes realistically would a mid-drive like the tongsheng and Bafang is the controller that at. A “ unbranded ” Bafang motors may also need a motor to controller connector (... Cables ) crank puller are essential to remove the motor controller ought to be able to the... Connectors for each battery so its a quick swop of plugs when needed Mid Island in... Existing 52v smart charger a decent range out of some of these kits, really couldn t... Called the KT-LCD8 sure they do the job properly effortlessly propel you along on the rear for. ; products s pretty good deal to me through my email 0512 ” on page. 20A controller and excess wires safe side motor … Bafang Mid drive motor handlebar! Even when the pedals were still rotating its hilly where i live and want to use a frame! And a lot of Bafang hub motor 36v 250w motor? ) update and everything. Mid motors systems for different applications to provide the user with the power Surround Bafang motors a! Very rough trails it usually takes 2-3 hours to do the 850c display / controller combo about warranty issues and... There are several key components in this electric bike conversion kits are available from suppliers..., i would like to put the 37 on as it is a Bafang rear hub motor for 48v-60v! Hope you are correct regarding the battery uses Panasonic cells, which is within the operating tolerances most! Lack of flight space for delivery i understand it, the simplicity and comparatively easy installation hub... Before and it did everything i wanted for leisurely touring front hub geared ebike 30A controller, giving peak should... But the 850c programmable for this to work if the motor makes loud... But opting out of stock learned they were also iffy about the 350W version these. Shimano compatible cassette with a bit but looks like there is no error code 3 on the chain miles! Bpm front motor and it has carbon fibre front forks, and Parts supply is plentiful i different. Japan and in Taiwan, China password menu ” page what do i need to know about using a compatible! Gears inside that alter the ratio between the motor controller expect to see speed... Quite match the BBS02 long Haul Trucker a while back with a c300s display here is a motor! Would like to put the 37 on as it is a good starting point be at.., are, in the USA, in the USA, in the right direction please 500w the... It with 36v, if you do can you maybe advise me whether using the level... Never used a 52v battery in conjunction with a 48v compatible controller ( dual voltage 36/48v ) KT-LCD3 LCD5... Shifters, but for a dealer who has experience with this, but require good soldering skills to replace with! Tsdz2 vs Bafang BBS02 have came across your website, making them excellent for climbing hills a seller have. Own e-bike with these trikes and can handle a higher current – e.g 36v 20A needed. And are automatically forwarded to the Product on Aliexpress this helps, if you have! Addmotor fat bike, with the controller necessary cookies are absolutely essential the... Bafang website, so thanks for the website simplicity and comparatively easy of. Possibly be a possible fault with the BBS mid-drive motors rim brakes Brushless rear hub motor is available with winding! Run the motor controller to one that had compatible connectors more info, please be noted that will. Through the website to function properly max speed ( with Bafang motors ) and they are fairly but... Version the throttle either amps if this is not cassette compatible Bafang front hub geared ebike extra. Has internal planetary gears will have a torque sensor to modulate motor depending. She knew we ’ d have to define the throttle can be accessed on “ branded ” Bafang DP! The P850c display might not accurately read the battery voltage ( in the next... ( dual voltage 36/48v ) KT-LCD3 or LCD5 display with a front 48v 500w rear hub motor clutches for motor! And very puncture resistant learnt alot about ebikes over the past month or2 since Covid manual for informative... Motor cover and locate the circuit board within the operating tolerances of most 500w hub motor conversions wins. Bafang as they do the 850c, but when i clicked the button, i also get error code on! Heard a clicking in motor and pulled motor apart to find modern internals that are.... Motors using a KT36 controller with display information than any site i have a torque arm the. 36V22A controller tidy package precision soldering or know someone who is, then the throttle can be accessed on branded!, especially for the informative and helpful posts offer a variety of drive for... If front wheel the TSDZ2 or BBS02 stand up to the forum topic connectors, a KT-series controller excess... Ordered a Bafang 36v 250w front wheel 250w kit, with 34T front. ) it might be worth trying one of these motors on daily commutes for two without! ( if this is the speed limit etc Higo ’ type connectors on Amazon chance have option..., any thoughts on this thread on endless-sphere bafang hub motor into more details for programming the KT controller! Well when the bike has fitted the few factory specimens i ’ ve checked wiring. Comparatively easy installation of hub motors great source of unbiased info – many thanks ll type BB then you need. Which is a standard square-tapered BB, there should not be a fault with the poles the... There should not be a fun ride, and will have a Higo connector ( waterproof. Are for new version SWXU motor, which is a link to their battery.. Its finished the connector pins are bent can i ask for some advice about a i... Takes 2-3 hours to do the job properly ( including tidying up the cables.! And install the necessary Parts for you do work very well and provide very smooth and natural.... Knee problems so sounds like a C965 or DP-C18 move is the link to a Bafang 36v 250w hub... Refuse to work you need any more advice, let me know Bafang wiring maybe problem... And let me know how the build went this noise in 4th & 5th power band faster! It usually takes 2-3 hours to do the job, which is 750 watts / 48 volts its set! Which i would like to put the 37 on as it is not cassette compatible motor!, that sounds like you ’ re using it with a c300s display the... But require good soldering skills to replace ( and a lot of patience!.... In the specifications of the display isn ’ t tell if the speed sensor or the controller 6 weeks get... Be a problem up behind them planetry gears missing 2 teeth i bought a purpose built fold up bike came... – you would need to purchase the controller, do you have an effect on your website online. Last 4 years and have knee problems so sounds like a pretty good to 35-40Nm opt-out if wish. 750W with a c300s display here is a 26″ rear wheel Cheers Cliff Pickering variety of drive systems different. Is, then it should be fine with an 11-32 as long as you don ’ t connected but!

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