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In her own words ‘(teachers) are not on their case because you hate them, or are on an ego trip but because they want you to perform well’. Using these signals to your advantage can provide a helpful toolkit to help strengthen those all-important teacher-pupil relationships. There may be children who are carrying the invisible shrapnel of trauma or the seemingly selfdestructive effects of neglect. Mrs Pearce walks into a class of marauding children and gently, almost imperceptibly, raises one eyebrow and instantly returns them to diligent, disciplined scholars. Roffey S (2011) The New Teacher’s Survival Guide to Behaviour, 2nd Edition. They began to trust each other and and Kyle became more focused in class, his violent outbursts disappeared and he started playing football with the other children. 1. Reading his work is You can remind the child of the good things they have done, backed up with the evidence that they received a positive note for it, “I need you to be that child”. The connection you make with children that builds to positive relationships takes time. What hopefully listeners will find is that whatever your preferred style , there is something to be gained from listening to everyone in the debate on behaviour . About Paul. Pivotal Education ‘Tactical ignoring’ is even more powerful, he argues, when combined with praise for conforming behaviour. Paul’s suggestion of giving out positive notes, he suggested two a week, for the children who have gone over and above what you expect of them. I have to wait for parent’s evening or the end of year report for positive news. It is not the children that Paul is interested in. Pollard A (2008) Reflective Teaching, 3rd Edition. Paul Dix in his lecture spoke of how rewards for good behaviour don’t need to be big, expensive or exciting but that it is the recognition of good behaviour from the teacher that is the most effective reward. ‘Dojo points’ is a website where each member of the class is designated with a different cartoon character and at the end of the day, the teacher awarded points to students that behaved well that day. (2010). It is about addressing the issue not attacking the pupil (Rogers, 2006). Rational responses that do not rely on the emotional state of the adult protect everyone. The students were always keen to acquire dojo points despite the fact there wasn’t a tangible reward attached to them. As a former teacher, Paul has advised the Department for Education on Teacher Standards and done extensive work with the Ministry of Justice. He used this to describe how, more importantly than any strategy, adult behaviour can influence the actions and decisions made by others. Your class. Paul asserted that it is “relationships first, then rules”. Build emotional currency by making your children feel valued, important and like they belong. If a teacher could find a way of giving positive labels, for example “I need someone with a fantastic memory to take a message to the office”, this could make any child feel a sense of worth and value (Roffey, 2011). Although you could interpret the negative dojo points as giving attention to bad behaviour, the points system was only shown at the end of the day and the teacher did not make a big fuss of giving pupils the negative points. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. A person who has not been taught empathy has different responses, they do not relate sad faces to fear and anxiety as the rest of us did. We’ve all read about this school or that school taking a hard stance on behaviour in recent years, but here Paul Dix suggests that if schools really care about success for every student, then a ‘zero-tolerance’ behaviour policy … This is it. Collaborative decision-making in the classroom, Marzano R, Marzano J and Pickering D (2003). One of Paul Dix’s central ideas was the importance of praising the majority of well behaved students, rather than focusing on the bad behaviour of the minority (2002: 78). After more discussion Kyle revealed how he thought the reason that he didn’t get on with the rest of the class (and thus couldn’t play football with them) was because he couldn’t control his anger. Regarding the ‘off the rainbow’ system, I felt that although the teacher did move the child’s name on the wall, he always reinforced this with a positive comment about the pupil. Don't allow him to take control of your behaviour. However, the act of moving names off the rainbow onto the raincloud does separate them from the class and give the ‘naughty children’ the recognition that Dix warned against. Ensure praise outweighs anything negative by at least 5:1 ratio. Change ),, On the rare occasions that this happens, it will only be … I like the fact that this behaviour management technique assumes that all pupils begin the week well behaved, and their names on the classroom wall for everyone to see provides a visual representation for this. Teachers are adult role models who must set a good example for all children. 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