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… I guess it really is true that everything comes back in a slightly new way. This is a great idea, and this would look a lot better and work a lot better than the clipboard I am currently using, popped up on my lap, to string my beaded bracelets. This note was written by the very tired wife of an older man of Norwegian heritage. I am so used to you moving faster than a speeding bullet. 1 tripod  (available from Amazon Canada here, and available from Amazon US here. HERE’S WHY. Duh! We always used big quilting tacks (at least I think they were for quilting!). Then place flat board on top, and use your nail gun to nail the board into the legs of the frame! Like this… Then cut your board to size. As expected this proclamation was met with several yawns and a very nice handwritten note outlining the specific play time preferences of an older man of Norwegian heritage. MATERIALS. how works it? Learn More. Gotta love leftovers! I’ll have to have hubby get on Amazon before all your followers buy them out of tripods. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 17 Best Images About Rag Rugs On Pinterest Hand Hooked. Remember to use wood glue between all of your wood connections before you nail or screw them together for better support! I just wasn’t into it. Copyright © 2020 The Art of Doing Stuff. Rug hooking is the craft of creating rugs by pulling loops of fabric or yarn through a woven backing. If you are thinking of creating a smaller project, you could just modify this tutorial to make your frame smaller! Rug hooking should be done in a frame which should not be too large (if the work needs to rest in the lap) with one hand and the hook on top and the other hand and wool strip on the bottom. The goal of the frame is to keep the base fabric taut and the grain lines straight while hooking the rug. Hey! Or if you are like me and love pretty crafting supplies… paint it white! That meant that I could potentially make one too!!! Kingsman $ 12.00 – $ 36.00 . Most rugs are very planned out with a pattern printed on the linen. Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. Hooking supplies: rug hangers, frames, hoops, linen, hooks, scissors, and more. I am currently taking time away from my RN career to raise my family, while blogging, and sharing our creative life with you! Adjustable Scroll Rug Hooking Floor Frame by K's Creations. You are right , Making things IS awesome. I can stretch the … P.S. DIY craft projects. Used frames will generally ship by UPS. Rug Hooking Frames. It’s weird!…Cute…but weird…might even be wrong!! Her mom was super awesome about teaching me the rug hooking ways, and not only that… She lent me her homemade rug hooking frame to learn on! I deemed it my new obsession, addiction and hobby last February. Yes! (hole should be same size as the screw you’ll be fitting through it). Many tag-sale items are new/unused … That hooking obviously gives you great guns! Welcome, My name is Jenna and I love creating beautiful things everyday! Repeat this step for the back top piece and the 2 back legs! Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. I expect I’ll be hooking for the next month or so until my head starts to go to seed and vegetable garden planning begins. I can knit but I never liked any hook that I held in my hand. Why didn’t I think of that? I hold my wool underneath the linen and hook from the top down. I managed one askew crooked hat for my puppy. No bobby pins? I’m so glad that there was a DIY rug hooking frame option available, so that I didn’t have to invest a lot of money upfront, for a craft that I am not sure I would love doing! It tilts, shifts, swivels and moves up and down so it’s always at whatever you think is the perfect height or angle. (One side is a 1/4 inch shorter than the other), 2 front legs that will be 6 inches long, these too will have one end cut at a 10 degree angle. I love the idea of the tripod for the the rug hook stand- that idea could work as a stand for other work surfaces while watching tv. 1 small, thin piece of wood (apx. K's Creation 14" x 14" Rotating Lift Frame - Free US Shipping. M. I also have many hobbies but I am afraid there is no space to squeeze hooking in. Deanneu0027s Diary : Rug Hooking … A lock nut would be great if you have one. Basically a version of picky velcro that the linen sticks to. My sister actually made my wood frame, which is basically just an open wood box. Think I’ll try it, thanks once again for a great idea! I think my time would be better spent finishing one of the several hundred projects (in various stages of progress) that I started enthusiastically only to abandon them (most likely to start another project) later on. I have done rug hooking before, but on a much smaller scale. All Rights Reserved. If you click on the link to my original post on hooking you’ll find more information there. ‘Slightly’ off topic, but what colour white did you paint on your living room walls – I love it. Since I clearly wasn’t going to be a full time hooker and didn’t want to spend the $200 – $300 for a floor frame I thought it would be easy enough to make one. Required fields are marked *. It’s Benjamin Moore Simply White. For the finer cut hookers you can try the #14 "The Mini" Oxford Punch … RuiyiF Latch Hook Kits for Adult Beginner with Pattern Easy, DIY Rug Hooking Kit for Kids Young Girls Over 6 with Frame, Needle, Cloth,7.87 x 7.87 Inch 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $26.99 $ 26 . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. you and your hook rugging :0B ye got me all riled up. Made my day! I declared my love of rug hooking. I love kid’s art that I actually want to hang on our walls! Maybe I should finish the shawl I’m knitting first…, No matter how many times I go back and look at this photo…the sight of you sitting still and hooking does just jive for me…regardless if what you are watching on T.V.!! Will be anxious to see how you finish the rug with binding, etc. If you haven’t and have been thinking about picking up a new creative hobby, this might be the one for you! I ended up creating this Snowy Owl Rug Hooked Pillow! ~ karen! You did a much better job than I did with my diy adjustable peg weaving frame….as soon as I have a day off from my ho hum drum job I’ll give it another shot. Thanks Katie! Did you replace the little screw in the mounting plate with a larger one? 1 tripod (available from Amazon Canada here, and available from Amazon US here.) I’ve had a lot of … And this one was the winner. The tripod comes with a head that normally gets screwed into your camera base. Love your rug and love the hooking stand idea, but more than that I am now completely inspired to pick up hooking again. NO manufactured drama. Like this…. Are those nails on the frame you stabilize your rug with? $22.99 $ 22. I’m not ticketed (the robots weren’t either) but picked up some skills back then. love your rug. Gripper Frames The Pioneer II line of rug hooking gripper frames is constructed of unfinished baltic birch for superior strength, and our frames are available in both the lap frame and floor frame styles, as well as a small punch needle frame… Easter Crafts for Kids: Painted Wood Bunnies! This fine hand-crafted frame gives you the leverage you need to stretch your rug backing tight using … :) ~ karen! There is evidence of rug hooking techniques in rag rugs made by the Vikings. The rug looks great, Karen! Etsy, £19.99. Better, maybe I should commandeer the one that never seems to be with the camera on vacations…. You really don’t need to do anything to it though. Hi Kelly. All of our gripper strips are sold in 40” lengths. Most rug hookers, and especially beginner ones who aren’t ready to shell out a lot of money on a new hobby, work on a little wood frame. Anytime Lauren! lol. 2″ x 4″) 1 large washer. Have you seen seasons 1 through 4? (One side is a 1/4 inch shorter than the other), 2  20 inch pieces that will make the front and back top pieces (no angles needed). Acadian Rug Hooking Frame. A hook is used to pull these loops through, thus the name, “rug hooking”. meh. I also love my little family, Corpus Propose, Ivy LynnKins, and my hubby Shawnikins! Like this…, Step 3: Attach the top side pieces to the front and back pieces that you just made in step 2. And I have never seen anyone hook from top to bottom like you appear to be doing! An easy solution to this problem and something that you can do at home is to create a latch hook rug frame. I deemed it my new obsession, addiction and hobby last February. And we documented the steps, so that I can show you how to make one too!! This is a really cool DIY I gotta check you site to see if yo7 have more diy rug patterns and ideas, this topic has inspired me ? Yeah, they messed up the format for a while, but last series was back on track pretty much. Hand-Dyed Yarn Hand-dyed yarn skeins for your rug-hooking … RUG HOOKING FRAMES: Hand Made in Maine by a local craftsman, stained and semi-gloss urethaned in your choice of dark walnut or medium birch....made of POPLAR WOOD, hard but light weight....These frames can swivel in any direction for long hours of hooking … To make it sturdier, stronger and more stable add a little piece of wood and a big washer underneath and secure it with a nut. DIY RUG HOOKING STAND. ah, pinterest will tell me. Pine Rug Hooking lap frame- Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio. Hubby has a mig welder and I’d love to weld some garden art but still need some inspiration. So to use this frame, all you do is lay your project over the top of the frame and use thumb tacs to tightly secure it to the wood frame. Thanks! my friend tried to get me into crocheting. I made this DIY rug hooking stand with a simple camera tripod. Hi Karin! iloverughooking carries used equipment as it becomes available. That’s the TV show I’m mesmerized by at this moment. I have too many hobby/addictions (which will be pushed aside when it’s time for seed starting) and now, thanks to your blog, I am thinking that hooking (sans elderly gentleman) looks great and I dream of all the rugs that could adorn my floors! You pull a chair up to it and the height of your chair can be adjusted for comfort. You sit with it on your lap and hook away. And yes, those are just nails that are hammered into the frame, but a word of warning they too scratch your arms up, lol. Karen Bertelsen. Wool Queen Punch Needle/Rug Hooking Frame Covered with Monk's Cloth (9.8''x9.8'' 2Pc) 4.3 out of 5 stars 20. Using a frame stand allows more maneuverability. Select options. So, what is the prickly part that you staple to the wood to hold the fabric? Loveddddd the Dalai Lama episode. Maybe I have to make myself a small lectern with storage under a hinged top for the various stuff I’m working in. I feel like I ought to learn to hook rugs now, but… I promised local BFF that I would back away from the fiber arts this year and do some other things. … Snap Dragon Frames LLC is a manufacturer of fine rug hooking frames for old-fashioned rug hooking. I’m not sure how you’d do it any other way, lol. Learn how your comment data is processed. So I guess your project backing needs to at least be the same size as the frame. Great work if you can get it. (You can also add two extra clamps to the top and bottom of the top section if you prefer) There is no limit to the size of rug you can hook on this frame, since the rug can easily be moved around on top as you hook … Don’t worry, the wood of the frame is soft enough for your tacs to be pushed into it without killing your fingers. If you care about how […]. i used to needlepoint and that’s very therapeutic – this looks like it too but i wouldn’t want to work hundreds of hours to have something that looked like cat puke. Cut each one by placing it … What I’m doing is really just a series of lines, but my colour choices are what bring out a bit of a pattern. I sure do!! And it sat and it sat and it sat. Once you do this you can slip the wood stand on and off the tripod whenever you want. So this week I had my Shawnikins make me a rug hooking frame for my very own! (wink). Currently hooking on a hoop. They would go from running to smelling, to jumping, to snacking, to licking, to scratching, to sleeping, to digging, to — all instantly. A definite go to piece for rug hooking or wool applique. Please give more info on how you’re making this rug? This looks so handy! Don’t know, somehow the cosmic connection between me and a hook never materialized. The bigger the rug, the harder it is to hold the mesh in place. Hooker by day, blogger by night. From there you graduate to a bigger and better frames with stands that you can maneuver, tilt and shift. Screw hole into very centre of wood laptop base. The angle is important for more comfort on your back as you create your masterpiece! Written by Karen. It goes on with one click and comes off with one click. I *do* love it. Gee, thanks. Looks like you managed to make an old looking new end table outta the outdoor furniture scraps? They are amazing. Manufactured drama was one of the reasons I chose to quit after 15 years or so of being a television host! Have fun creating! I really like this idea. We’re totally obsessed with it and we live in California. Sale price: $127.95. I have one of the expensive frames that rips the crap out of my inner arms and a larger quilting hoop on a pivot which is what I prefer to use. so, more about the rug hooking please, and the colours/pattern – are you making it up as you go or is do you have everything planned out ? Masterchef Australia by the way. Thanks so much for lending it to me! Yep! 2″ x 4″), 1 nut (that fits screw that comes with tripod head)., 1 inch by 1/2 inch Wood (I used pine, and you will need 92 inches of this wood, which is 7 feet and 8 inches), 1 Thin Flat Wood Board (once cut, the board will be 14 inches by 20 inches), 2 back legs that will be 8 inches long with one of the ends cut at a 10 degree angle. LOL! Thanks. And  I did love it. We manufacture 3 types of standard gripper strips for rug hooking frames. … I was overjoyed to hear that her mom actually made them!! For those of you who need a more detailed description of how to do this here you go. Skills of all types here! Thanks so much Cass! Felted and ready to use. Kermit is great for leaves, stems, turkey feathers, grassy knolls and hills. ~ karen! First let me say I love your blog name. Rug hooking frames ... Metal Floor Rug Hooking frame with 14" Inside Hooking Area and lap base and an 11 x 14 top! … You can even teach … Have an awesome day! Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids: With Easy DIY Canvas Frames! Thanks Jennifer! I let her know I was in fact talking about rug hooking and made sure she understood this was a type of craft and didn’t mean I only took clients who wore toupees. No hammering, no welding, no sawing or painting, just relaxing. Your email address will not be published. I had a question about the actual build of the box. Solid Hardwood Tilting Rug Hooking Frame. I think that skill is almost as impressive as today’s diy stand. Hand-Dyed Wool Each dye pot may result in slightly different shades of each color depending upon the wool I’ve used. Until next time, enjoy learning this fun craft, and creating beautiful things everyday! I used to be a welding supervisor- it was robotic welding production but we occasionally did hand welding for repairs. Enjoy creating! Ahh-Ha… you’re building quite a reputation also with equipment that tilts, shifts, swivels, and moves up and down at any angle. thanks for the inspiration, From a fellow hooker (who uses a hoop but sometimes would love to have something spiffier). I want to make this. But … I have a lot of hobbies and it’s hard to fit them all in. LARGE COLLAPSIBLE WOODEN HOOKING FRAME 12’ X 15” ... You can make a hooked rug using the punch needle method. I love inspiring creativity in others! Handmade Rug Hooking Frames. You so should try it. ….now I know why you blogged about danglers ….. You were preparing us for your hooking!!!! New De-lovely Rug Hooking Frame. Yes it is so peaceful! MCG Textiles Heritage Rug Hook … What a cool tutorial, I’ve never tried rug hooking, but have always been interested in giving it a shot – the owl is so cute! I am totally not crafty at all so thank you so much for breaking these steps down for us!! Hello! They were so amazing (you can find photos of them in my post called Rug Hooking – Snowy Owl Rug hooking Kit)! Just wanted to clarify in case you thought pooch was a naughty bit. Ragged Life’s rug making kit. Thanks. I’d love to see you creations, as I am always inspired by others ideas too! One of the basic tools that you will need to rug hook is a Rug Hooking Frame! I learned about the show years ago when one of my Australian readers competed on it! You can just remove the tacs and move your project, then re-tac it down to work on different areas of your project! Learn More. Like this…, Step 4: Lay your top frame on top of your flat board, and trace its shape onto the flat board. Attach tripod head base to laptop base by securing it with your piece of wood, then washer, then nut. Your email address will not be published. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Beginner Rug Hook, Moshimer Primitive, S201, Rug Hooking Hook $14.00 Rug Hooking KIT, Poinsettia Mug Rugs, K107, DIY Holiday Kit, Wide Cut Rug Hooking Kit $40.00 Rug Hooking KIT, Cardinal Chair Pad or Table Mat 14" Round, K121, DIY Bird Rug Kit, Northern Cardinal, Bird Folk Art $58.00 Gettysburg Gray, a mill dyed wool fabric for Rug Hooking … I am getting an education, which is what you strive to do for all of us out here, so it is working! … One which the seller claims “…can be electric!” Also a vintage cutter which sounded interesting. Back again after re-reading Feb. 23 post – and then was curious and looked on ebay and have no idea exactly what I found except it was some cutters. I haven’t hooked for forever, actually I don’t think I ever have, but I do own a rug hook that I can use to do an updo without any bobby-pins!! I have really been enjoying it. Yowzer, that sounds good! I was just learning to rug hook… Saw em all. If you have a nail gun that shoots 1 1/2 inch nails then use the nail gun but our nails were too short, so we used screws and a drill! Now I just need to find some burlap, and start creating my own designs! Oh, my… what’s next? This comment section reminds me of a bunch of puppies playing together. July 21, 2020 By Cindi Gay. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. why issit? Trying to avoid the beautiful black hole of hooking or one of THE BEST wool shops nearby..arghhh! It is believed that rug hooking … (gasp). Post to come? Your posts do that but this one instantly gave everyone ideas – what an instigator you are! thnx! Looks like a great rug you are making! If you’re in Canada click here to buy the tripod for $27 CA, If you’re in The United States click here to buy the tripod for $24 US., Now it becomes more clear why you wanted to know penis nick-names from your readers, so the secret hooker has all the correct terminology for clandestine hooking parties between seasons. It was just about a year ago that I made the announcement I was a hooker. Set aside two pieces of PVC pipe to work with. Gave me an idea to get a new area rug for my pooch/Trixie/dog. See more ideas about rug hooking frames, rug hooking, rugs. What season are you on? Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. Step 1: Cut your wood to size! Awesome! Jan 3, 2017 - Explore Lin Stone's board "Rug Hooking- Frames", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. Love the idea of this as rug hooking is always so peaceful to me. Materials, etc? My cat checking out my new tabletop rug hooking frame. Instead of screwing it into a camera base, just screw it into the base of your wood rug hooking stand. Decide on the width that your rug will be. Like a lot of other crafts I would like to try! So I won’t be taking up hooking but I will be happy to follow your progress. 2 side top pieces will be 12 inches long (no angles needed)! I secretly don’t want my kiddos to learn to actually paint real pictures of things, because I love […], Who loves rug hooking?? ? Love reading your posts AND your comments so much. I skipped the last 2 seasons because I didn’t like the format or the contestants. Thanks Shoma! For the instructions to make this brand-new, spiffy, neck-saving, De-lovely Rug Hooking Frame, follow below, but first, a couple of needful things: You can view this month’s Featured Rug … I didn’t have one so I just used a regular nut that I had. So I totally misread the title of this post as “DIY Rug Hooking Stoned.” Now the product of THAT would be fun to see! Here are a few testimonials about our Oxford Gripper Strip Lap Frames: "Punch needle rug hooking is a wonderful, relaxing pastime and full time activity. That is perfect because I already had my ‘colour’ nailed down to Simply White or Chantilly Lace. I once saw a video of some puppies playing. LOL… or any colour you like. Looks very awesome. Your email address will not be published. It would seem you have showed this old hooker some new tricks! Thanks! I love how you put it at an angle! Season 3 has the most insane list of guest stars, the flippin’ Dalai Lama!! 99 I hope you try rug hooking! I’m fairly certain if you were to take a poll of rug hookers, 95% of them use a rug hooking frame. In addition to the rug hooking gripper strips, we also have wooden channel … It does not tilt but provides a flat table like surface that is taut and makes it easy to hook … How to Hook Rugs from Start to Finish A Free Beginner How to Course in Hooking Rugs compliments of Deanne Fitzpatrick Rug Hooking Studio Hooking rugs is easy. Do you really weld? And speaking of hobbies – does hoarding count? Rug hooking frame ... Metal Floor Rug Hooking frame with 14" Inside Hooking Area and lap base and an 11 x 14 top! I hope this tutorial has helped you in achieving your crafting dreams! It is a beautiful craft, that allows you to create beautiful illustrations with just wool yarn, burlap, a hook, and a rug hooking frame. Hi Paula. lol, I’m thinking this will be great for hand quilter’s, too. SCORE! As a long-time American hooker, I have never seen a frame with nails sticking up like that! I don’t hook as much as I used to because I spend every minute teaching or working on my rug hooking websites. It’s surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it, not hard to learn, pretty quick to create, and makes the most beautiful homemade creations! it looks like something I should be able to handle. Regular price: $132.95. And they make the cutest personalized pillows, or in this case awesome Valentines Day Heart Wreath!! To get started, buy a hand hook (it'll cost around $1.25) from a crafts supply store. Here is the link to my other rug hooking projects! I instantly fell in love, and had to know how they were made! It’s not often you come across other women who weld. Equally, I love kid’s art that can double as a cute DIY gift idea! What sorcery is this?! Awesome! But just after Christmas I picked up my rug hooking again because I’ve vowed not to do any huge projects between now and spring. My friend’s mom amazingly lent me her homemade lap, rug hooking frame, so that I could learn how to rug hook too! This would work well for lap sized quilting frames as well. (The cut size should be around 20 inches by 14 inches if all your measurements are the same as mine), Step 5: Attach flat bottom board to the frame! not sure how but..if any one has any ideas? Uh, yeah, can we see that trick, Tucson? I put away the rug hooking around March because I had to make room for my other hobbies that mostly take place outdoors and involve either dirt or hammers  (which interestingly enough would appeal to the adventurous side of a certain older gentleman of Norwegian heritage). It’s a lot of fun, and you can create such cute projects! I don’t rug hook but I do weld. Welcome to the world of rug hooking. 99. Sale price: $234.95. A friend and past student of mine, Cindy Goolsby of Louisiana, is making the Acadian Rug Hooking Frames. :) ~ karen! Get the best deals on Rug Hooking Frame and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with Thanks so much Jen!! Then cut these exact measurements! 1 wood lap frame. DIY craft projects. Rug Hooking Supplies. My biggest issue is the lack of a drill press…. what issit? It’s 3 columns of lines, with the widest one being in the centre. I saw that end table as well. Like I say, most rugs are more planned out with more of a pattern or “picture” than this one. Remove tripod head base that is supposed to attach to camera. I have no idea what any of these things mean, and I always thought you used big puffy yarn for this endevor. It was accompanied by the couple’s address, payment up front and a Xeroxed copy of all his recent prescriptions. The rug will be pretty, useful for warming toes, and a great way to not just sit and relax but actually get some stuff done while relaxing and sitting. I was introduced to rug hooking about a year and a half ago, when I saw some beautiful rug hooked pillows in my friends toddlers bedroom. Somehow the contestants all get along without any manufactured drama, it’s really so good. Thanks for the comment! I could even replace the one that covers the wine stain at the top of the stairs! Rug Hooking Frames. K's Creations 10" x 10" Rotating Lift Frame … I used to do a lot of hooking back in the late 70’s. Solid Hardwood Cheticamp Rug Hooking Frame This locally made hardwood frame is 40" by 18" and is about 32" high. It is THE BEST. You will need: Step 2: Attach the 2 front leg pieces together by using wood glue, and a nail gun to attach the top front piece to the ends of the front legs. I’m just at the beginning. I wanted something more contemporary and abstract. Hi Robyn! Time consuming, addicting, hand spasming, masterpieces! sooo the thought is that maybe this technique can also be modified for a standing embroidery hoop? he’s terrified of it. All used items are high-quality products in excellent condition. Step 1: Cut your wood to size! I totally approve! Elspeth from Ragged Life is the queen of rag rugging. Do you find your hand hitting the washer and locknut thingamajig as you work? I think rug hooking is like painting with wool, or yarn. Fast & Free shipping on many items! For me, I love the gripper frames. You could use an embroidery hoop, but a rug hooking frame that sits on your lap, just makes rug hooking so much more enjoyable and comfortable! ), 1 small, thin piece of wood (apx. ~ karen! Here is the link to make of my rug hooking creations! Follow Our Creative Adventures on Instagram. I’d love to see your creations!! Step 2: Attach the 2 front leg pieces together by using wood glue, and a nail gun to … Let’s talk more about Masterchef Australia! I saw some wallpaper or something (I can’t remember what) that inspired this. Flip the frame upside down and put wood glue on all 4 ends. Regular price: $249.95. After 10+ years of rug hooking without a frame, last summer I bought a frame and quickly decided using a frame just wasn’t for me. I took a lot of time to figure out which tripod would be the least expensive but still have the strength to hold a big, weighty rug. gonna give that hooking bidness a try. The gears keep the work nice and taut. Have you heard of Rug Hooking?!?! Wine stain covers…wow! Use thumb tacs about every couple inches all the way around your project. The tripod cost me $27 on Amazon. :) SUCH a great show exactly because of the reason you state. I’m watching the most recent season right now. You will also need to cut your flat bottom board to 20 inches by 14 inches (photo later in the post). You could also stain it if you want. There’s linen tape that you can buy I’d love to get but it’s SO expensive. Rug Hooking a fun craft with endless possibilities! I THINK VALENTINE’S DAY IS STUPID. Build a sturdy frame yourself and feel confident creating any rug that you can imagine. So come spring, my rug hooking sat.

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