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They don’t have to get top dollar for all the leftover bits and lucky for you these are sometimes enough for a backsplash. To add another layer of interest to a kitchen, try a stone tile backsplash. Below we’ll be looking at the most common types. What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose? Just about every stone supplier has some remnants laying around the yard you can pick from. A strong backer material is usually installed first which is screwed into the studs. One of the great benefits to choosing granite countertops is that you can have a backsplash made from the same slab as your counters, giving you a smooth, consistent look. view full size. Engineered Artificial Stone Slab Countertop With Sink Shape Ease Edged. Learn about our services. White marble slab backsplashes have got to be our favorite style at the moment because of how classy they look. When you work with a real stone it’s important to keep up with the maintenance requirements. The Stone Journey: Style From The Source . Save Photo . Everything you need to know explainsed. The solid surface creates a unique look and feel that other that other materials just can’t match. Two locations to server you better! Remnants are cheaper just like any stone slab and average around $35 a sq. There are a bunch of different materials you could use too. Most homeowners have seen or heard of standard 4-inch high granite backsplash, but did you know that you can have full height granite backsplash that goes all the way from the counters up to the bottom of the cabinets? The stone supplier you use will handle the installation work. ft. If you’re not a fan of grout lines or tile in general, this trend may be for you. See more ideas about kitchen, kitchen remodel, kitchen design. These remnants are sold cheaper than the main slab. But it varies based on the type of stone you buy. Before installing, choose a part of the slab that you want to highlight as the backsplash. See more ideas about granite backsplash, granite, backsplash. The very best designed kitchens should look good even when they get a little messy from entertaining. A stone with large-scale veining suits spacious kitchens perfectly, making it a natural match for open-concept kitchens where the backsplash is on full display even from a distance. That’s in New Jersey and it varies a little based on the amount we order and the type of quartz. It’s not something you want to get sick of in a year and then regret later. Gray Thick Stone Slab Countertop Stone Vanity Tops 108" X 25.5" X 2" Size. Feb 6, 2018 - Explore Cheryl Van Hare's board "Quartz backsplash" on Pinterest. Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Stone. Utilizing a single slab of marble creates a streamlined, modern, almost minimalist look that really appeals to me. As long your willing to clean the marble as soon as it gets dirty and keep sharp objects off it you should be fine. In a kitchen renovation project of my own, I needed only one slab of material to dress this galley kitchen, making the compact size an advantage in creating a big look. Especially if you cook with lots of grease. Alice Lane Home . Take inspiration from this trendy yet timeless look, and give your next kitchen remodel a solid head start. A solid slab backsplash is a fabulous look that screams luxury in a kitchen of just about any size. A solid slab backsplash is a custom look that says luxury in a kitchen of any size. If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. A backsplash is kind of the same as the front door. Gray quartz slab backsplash and matching countertops with dark gray shaker style cabinets and silver hardware. Red brick kitchen accent wall. The backsplash should be something you notice when you walk in the kitchen and should fit every occasion. Laminate Sheet Backsplash Features . We did the same marble slab on the backsplash in this kitchen remodel that we did on the countertop. Quartz comes in a variety of colors and styles. It’s such a beautiful look for the kitchen that you really can’t pull off any other way. Marble Granite and Quartz. A solid marble slab backsplash ticks all the boxes. 211 Kitchen Stone Slab Backsplashes Design Photos And Ideas Filter. It transforms what could have been just a traditional kitchen into an extraordinarily beautiful space for preparing meals and entertaining. Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Natural and Engineered Stone . That big slab of stone on the wall just looks so strong to me and I love how easy it is to clean. When you compare the cost of materials, quartz is more than tile. So if you had a backsplash that was 8′ long x 3′ high, which is a typical backsplash height behind a range, times $65 the cost would be $1560 installed. Marble slab backsplashes. Buying Guide: How To Shop For Stone. Custom cut marble slab backsplash in a beautiful design with white subway tiles. In fact, you may prefer this look for its more understated nature. It has a beautiful finish and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Gauged Porcelain slabs are large-format porcelain panels suitable for flooring, walls, countertops, showers, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds. Thin slabs are used mostly for pre-built bathroom vanity tops but they work great as a backsplash. White subway tiles are immensely popular right and pairing them with a solid slab backsplash just takes it to a whole other level. A great place for a granite slab backsplash is behind the range. An engineered material like Corian or Caesarstone also looks beautiful facing forward, especially in a more modern setting. If you are searching for some inspiration when concerning backsplashes, but you are unsure of where to start, then why not ignite some individuality with the slab backsplash trend. The material is a lot cheaper per square foot than buying tile but since there’s really no installation charge it ends up being about the same. Watch as Prima Stone transforms this designer kitchen with a stunning Carrara marble backsplash using our ultra thin and lightweight natural stone panel. I see monolithic stone backsplashes like these and think expensive — prohibitively so, but I still can’t help but pore over them as if a mason were standing by waiting for me to decide on one for my own kitchen. However when you take labor into account the prices are about the same. As long as it’s one solid slab of material then it qualifies. your own Pins on Pinterest Are they a good idea? There are a bunch of functional benefits solid slab backsplashes have vs other materials like tile. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and styles so it’s pretty easy to find something that’ll work well as a backsplash slab. Backsplash cost? And keep in mind that with a quartz slab you’ll always have a perfect finished product. Gray kitchen cabinets with porcelain floor tiles. When paired with a matching counter it creates a seamless look, almost as if you carved the counter and splash out of a large chunk of stone. When we pick out our marble for a countertop job the leftover bits from the slab are called remnants. But even though the price is competitive with other backsplash materials it’s still not cheap, especially if you’ve got a large kitchen. Just measure the length you need multiplied by the height at the highest point and then multiplied by the cost per square foot of material. Most people are using tile which is around 1/4″ so even a 3/4″ backsplash is considered thick. The Cost depends on the type of material you select and the amount of square footage you need. ... (about 5 mm) and then backing is added. Such a beautiful, clean design that it’s left an impression with me ever since and still to this day is one of the nicest kitchen’s I’ve ever been in. See if this highly popular trend is right for your new kitchen design. Natural stone is a great material for a slab backsplash. Daily Deals. All the stone supplier does is cut the shape and secure it to the wall with mortar or mastic. Plus an extra discount if we order for more than one job at a time. For an average 20 sq. Stone Buying Guide. Here the outlets have been recessed in the wall paneling. A slab backsplash offers a different visual effect for the walls above your countertop than tile because it stretches as one continuous, flat surface. We get a small discount if we buy the whole slab too. Stone tiles can look as … Add to wishlist. Solid black granite backsplash with gray cabinets, white appliances. Stone slab counters & backsplash floating wood shelves Stone slab counters & backsplash floating wood shelves Slate from the US comes in plum, gray or green colors and cost less compared to other stones. And when it comes to gorgeous, rough textures, you find options that range from rugged and … It also doesn’t scratch easily and can be cut to fit just about any size or shape including around windows and cabinets. Light Cream Engineered Stone Countertop , Polished Marble Tile Kitchen Countertops. QUARTZ & PORCELAIN SLAB BACKSPLASH. When your natural stone backsplash is the SAME material as the countertop. Natural stone slab kitchen backsplash Ideas gallery. See more ideas about granite backsplash, granite, backsplash. When the tiles are put together in a complex pattern (like herringbone), their geometry gives way to a sense of organic rippling that has the energy of a slab with a subtle layer of extra sophistication. Our Services. Our stone slabs are cut thin and mounted on a fiberglass or aluminium-polymer backing. Are your backsplash goals set in stone? Black granite makes for a great backsplash and looks especially nice with white or cream colored cabinets. The beauty of natural stone is really allowed to shine in the running veins of large slabs, making backsplashes like this the focal point of the room. ACP, the manufacturer of Aspect Stone backsplash panels, guarantees that your Aspect panels will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. Browse through our vast collection of semi precious slab & surface. You can also create a similar effect by choosing tiles that have a chunky, high-contrast grain or color variance. A thin stone slab backsplash has no grout. Discover (and save!) Of course you can. And as a home builder I’ve been in a lot. Attractive, natural stone patterns permeate the installation, and create a stunning focal point. Thinner is better in most cases because 1 1/4″ is a lot to protrude from the wall. 10 Top Backsplashes to Pair With Soapstone Countertops, The Best Backsplashes to Pair With Wood Counters, 10 Top Backsplashes to Pair With Concrete Counters, Super Backsplashes to Pair With Recycled-Paper Counters, New This Week: 6 Stylish Kitchen Backsplash Ideas. Marjan Stone Countertops serves San Diego, La Jolla, El Cajon, Carlsbad, Oceanside & Anaheim. People are so used to seeing a tile backsplash that when they see a marble slab one for the first time it really makes an impression. Amy Vermillion Interiors. By far the biggest reason why people desire a marble backsplash is its luxurious look and feel. It is a rustic veneer made of thin stone slabs, which will protect kitchen walls from heat and spills. See more ideas about quartz backsplash, kitchen remodel, kitchen design. If you are looking to add an organic touch to your cooking space, consider a stacked stone backsplash. NJ's #1 Web Directory The slab is secured to the backer with mastic or mortar just like tile. Using a slab backsplash for a Washington DC kitchen design adds a modern twist that lets folks play up or down this statement area of your kitchen. Quartz is a beautiful stone that’s extremely durable. And installation is always free. If you want a carrara marble slab backsplash but want to save a few bucks, consider using remnants from a countertop to achieve the look for less. Below are some more great examples of solid slab backsplashes. But as with anything you put in a kitchen there are some pros and cons when you use marble. Our stone countertops also come with the backsplash, so no additional items are needed to give your kitchen a new, uniform look. This is a very simple kitchen that because of some really smart design choices stands out to me as one of the most beautiful on the page. By Laura Burton Interiors. While you might want a backsplash to match your counter (and there are many custom, lovely ways to do that), don’t be tempted to tile above a 4” granite, or stone, slab backsplash. In this case it’s the simplicity of the room that really makes it stand out. A solid slab backsplash is simply a backsplash made of a single, solid material like a slab of marble vs individual tiles with grout. Slab; Compare Quick view. When it comes to designing a new kitchen or remodeling an older one, designing the backsplash is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. From there the stone slab is cut at the shop and then delivered and installed. Even if your matching a marble backsplash and countertop you could still negotiate a better price on the leftover material and use it on your backsplash. That’s what a backsplash is for after all. Solid Slab Backsplash. Instead of using tile, a sheet backsplash features a large, continuous solid slab of quartz for a sleek, modern look. When it comes to designing a kitchen the backsplash is a spot where you can have some fun. You really do just use a spray cleaner and then wipe them clean, it’s so easy. If you look at tile backsplashes you’ll see that the tiles generally don’t get that dirty because of how smooth they are but the grout can get filthy. Natural stone slab kitchen backsplash Suggestions gallery. Subway Tile by Kitchen Infinity Stone Slab. With marble you just spray some cleaner on it and wipe. The first thing they do is come to the house and take measurements and some times they even make a template. By Stone Center Inc on December 5, 2014 in Finishes. Real stone slab backsplash, marble white cabinets with rose gold fixtures. A tiled backsplash would be about the same if not more. A large slab on the wall means there’s no grout to worry about which is the major staining problem in a kitchen. But it’s not all about beauty. Height: Height is at least 18 inches, as that is the minimum distance between countertops and the bottom edge of wall cabinets. Traditional kitchen design with solid stone backsplash. We get the main pieces for $65 and the rest for $45. Nov 19, 2020 - Explore Gambrick's board "Solid Stone Slab Backsplash", followed by 4446 people on Pinterest. Materials are much higher but tile can take days to install. The contrast this look creates is simply stunning. Marble is a stone associated with elegance, class, and timelessness. A slab backsplash is simply a backsplash made of a continuous material (or in cases like this one, a few large pieces with the occasional break for an appliance or a cabinet). What else could you want from a backsplash. The minimalist sensibility of unbroken planes makes the slab backsplash a key ingredient in many. Everyone wants pretty much the same thing. Below we’ll look at a dozen or so examples and discuss the topic in depth. Global Online Shopping for Marble, Quartz & Mosaic Tile,Marble Quartz Countertops, Marble Table,Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash,Nano Glass. A kitchen backsplash in general is a great way to make a statement in your kitchen or other rooms of the house. Light gray cabinets with marble backsplash and black granite countertops. ft. which makes it as expensive as marble or quartz but some lower grade granite only costs around $35. See more ideas about Backsplash, Slab, Stone slab. Our cost for quartz is around $65 a square foot but the average retail price is around $90. This can create a uniform look that can be very pleasing. The trick here is to choose a color that goes well with the colors of the wall, floor, countertops, and cabinets. Gray White Indian Granite Kitchen Counter Tops , Household Granite Kitchen Worktops. I then backed the stove and fridge niche in a subdued material (sheets of smoky gray mirror) to let the stone speak for itself. Stone Slabs or Panels. The white stone features vibrant blue veins in a dramatic diagonal pattern. Some even have veining which makes them look very similar to marble. Gray cabinets with marble backsplash, porcelain tile floors. While a tiled backsplash is still the most common type used in homes by far. There’s no annoying grout to deal with which is where stains tend to build up. Kitchen remodelers everywhere are designing kitchens with a solid slab backsplash. Parash Stones luxury segment is among top brand in world for manufacturing semi precious slab, semi precious surface, gemstone slab, gemstone surface, countertop, table top, kitchen top, backsplash & many other luxury interior decor lifestyle applications. They come completely finished so there’s nothing to worry about. ft. That’s why we always try and buy the whole slab. A solid marble slab backsplash is by far the most beautiful backsplash I’ve seen. Instead, before you tile that area, take the 4” slab backsplash off. Another one is marble. The solid surface creates a different visual effect than, say, tile. Quartz is non-porous. If you're matching countertop and backsplash, then the whole element is making a statement together and that can make that natural stone more of a dramatic moment in your kitchen. Add to wishlist. Because the backsplash reaches the upper cabinets, it feels like a full-impact effect, even though the actual material square footage is low. A big slab of granite could be the answer! The Benefits of Brick Pavers in Hardscapes and Outdoor Living Spaces, New Home Construction Brick, NJ Riverfront, Marble can stains easier than other solid stone slabs if spills aren’t cleaned immediately, Marble scratches a lot easier than hard stone slabs like granite or quartz. Our cost for marble is around $65 a square foot but the average retail price is around $90. Pro Tip: Designing your countertops and backsplash with the same slab material is a great way to create continuity which in turn let’s other elements of the room shine. Contemporary kitchen with marble slab backsplash. Getting grout lines clean is always a struggle around the stove top, especially if you have white. When paired with marble countertops and just the right cabinets it’s such a rich, classy look. Some slabs can cost us as much as $75 a sq. In this article, well go over a few ba… You can match a slab backsplash to your granite, marble, or other natural stone countertops to create a bold look for your kitchen. Mar 7, 2016 - Explore Universal Stone, Inc's board "Granite Backsplashes", followed by 173 people on Pinterest. Go for dark, rich hues, or stick to white or colored marble for a look all your own. We pay an average of around $50 a sq. NJ Businesses. This section will break down your various options based on the type of material: Stone Backsplashes, Tile Backsplashes and various other kitchen backsplash materials that are suitable for use. However the material you choose will dictate any special cleaning requirements. When designing a kitchen we try to create a timeless look that’s both beautiful when complete but will also hold up to the rigors of every day life. Get Notified About New Articles, GREAT DEALS on Home Goods, Videos & Product Reviews. Remnants are the unused marble pieces left over from someone else’s countertop job. Featured Image: Cementine Retro Tile from Arizona Tile. These remnants are sold cheaper than the main slab. The beauty of natural stone is really allowed to shine in the running veins of large slabs, making backsplashes like this the focal point of the room. Even better, the protective facing is available in a broad range of stone varieties including quartzite and marble. 04 of 19. Adding a backsplash to your kitchen design is a great way to create a dynamic look, and natural stone is an excellent choice because it not only looks fantastic but also is easy to cut and install. And most people use a smooth stone for the backsplash so you won’t have a textured surface to clean like a real stone or brick backsplash. Solid quartz sheet backsplash with white shaker cabinets, hardwood floors and stainless 60″ Wolf range. ACP, the manufacturer of Aspect Stone backsplash panels, guarantees that your Aspect panels will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. Jun 9, 2018 - Explore Mrinalini.S's board "Kitchen slab" on Pinterest. Pale gray shaker style cabinets with solid slab marble quartz backsplash. A slab backsplash can be installed in an hour or two. It’s a beautiful look with a lot of functional benefits that make stone an ideal material for a backsplash. Need a pro for your kitchen remodeling project? Stone tiles for backsplashes are becoming outdated. It’s super durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and hard to scratch. The backing offers enough strength to prevent the stone from snapping, while keeping the large slab light. Aside from the super high end quality of a stone slab backsplash, they’re durable, easy to clean and a beautiful look. Customers have been using it for years on countertops because of how beautiful and durable it is.

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